Week 2 (Due June 9th)


June 2, 2016 by Steven Knight

“Twitter is the back fence you share with your neighbors. Except your neighbors are people all over the world”

In Class:

Jigsaw – Digital Immigrant v. Digital Native – read, watch and take notes (12 min.) on your assigned resource, find others that reviewed the same resource (discuss/plan – 20 min.), Return to row group and present (20 min).

  1. Marc Prensky research paper (6 pages) optional ready or Video Version – Notes gDoc
  2. Ian Jukes – Teaching the Digital Generation (10:31) – Notes gDoc
  3. Sreenivasan | TEDxNewYork – Digital Immigrant v. Digital Native (8:30) – Notes gDoc
  4. Catalyst – Are You A Digital Native Or A Digital Immigrant? (8:56) – Notes gDoc

Bonus – Zamboglou – eLearning for Digital Natives – Ella’s Story


Hands On Demo – Personal Learning Networks – Twitter (http://wefollow.com/, Twitter Directory, Follow ME ) & Diigo (Social Bookmarking in Plain English, Follow MU_ED554 )

Create an About Me Page

FreePlayMusic – http://www.freeplaymusic.com/

Youtube Music Library – https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

Digital Storytelling Samples


Required Reading/Exploring/Watching:

If you were on Twitter – by Scott Mcleod

Frontline – Generation Like (53:41) – PBS

Rosenthal Tolisano, Silvia. “Digital Storytelling – Part I.” Langwitches Blog. N.p., Apr.-May 2008. Web. 11 June 2012. <http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/04/19/digital-storytelling-part-i/>.

Rosenthal Tolisano, Silvia. “Digital Storytelling – Part II.” Langwitches Blog. N.p., Apr.-May 2008. Web. 11 June 2012. <http://langwitches.org/blog/2008/04/25/digital-storytelling-part-ii/>

Post 1 response on your blog/class preparation:

1 – After watching Generation Like, respond to this question on your class blog. How does understanding how children use the Social Web prepare us for our instruction in the classroom?

Optional Reading/Exploring/Watching:

The Digital Diet @ http://wapo.st/mHfHeS

Rethinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner | MacArthur Foundation @ http://youtu.be/c0xa98cy-Rw

Fox, Jo-Ann. “Twitter Is My Teacher Superpower: 5 Steps to Make It Yours.” The Huffington Post. TheHuffingtonPost.com, 02 Dec. 2013. Web. 27 May 2014.

“Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips – Getting Smart by Guest Author – Edchat, EdTech, PLN.” Getting Smart Personal Learning Networks for Educators 10 Tips Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 May 2014.


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